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    Welcome to GÉPFORG official website!
    CNC metal forming and aluminium pressured founding
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    CNC metal forming
    and tool manufacturing
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    Installation, Winding

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About us

The premises of Gépforg is located in Kóka village, about 40 km away from Budapest. Gépforg company is a 100% privately owned family business. The company's managing director and owner is Ferenc Laczkó. In retrospect of more than two decades of history our company is a medium-sized private business - thanks to the dynamic development of modern technology used for CNC machine tools, Aluminum die casting machines and Electronic parts. Our customers primarily are suppliers of car factories in Europe,and also companies in pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic industry. In 2003, our company introduced the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001 quality control system, in 2006 we introduced the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental control system, and we are currently planning to introduce ISO / TS 16949: 2009 motor industry standard in the first half of 2017. Our company is precise and reliable partner by using quality assurance accourding to international standard, and keeping contact with our valuable customers. Highly qualified staff ensures that Gépforg deliveries and products become an internationally recognized standard.


Our excellent technicians and technical equipment guarantee fast, accurate and flexible production. Production and delivery of Gépforg products are assured of internationally recognized standards.

General metal cutting:

Metalworkings on traditional machineries and production of uniqe, small-sized, complex geometrical, heat treated and sharpened machine parts, tools, units, samples, small series.

CNC working:

Production of spare parts in medium and large series, milling and turnery works with high accuracy, exceptionally alminium and iron spare parts.

Main works of our company

CNC metal forming (turnery, milling)
Aluminium pressured founding
Tool sharpening and production
Tool designing and manufacturing
Manufacture of electronic parts

Gallery about our company